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SpeakAsian Vivek Sharma alias Aman Azad’s Anticipatory Bail Plea Denied

Mumbai High Court orders arrest of “Aman Azad”
Written by Ak Sharma

The Bombay high court on Friday rejected the anticipatory bail application of Vivek Sharma, who is also called with a nick name, Aman Azad in the SpeakAsia fraud case. He started as an agent for SpeakAsia but later on, he ended up earning lot of money through SpeakAsia fraud. The court also asked the police to apprehend Azad as early as possible.

“Azad has filed an anticipatory bail application prior to the HC a couple of months ago and hearing was on. On Friday, the court declined his ABA application and asked to arrest him without any delay. Furthermore, he was not present in the court room during the hearing,” explained BP Shelke, he is also the chief investigating officer in this case.

SpeakAsia  ripped off over 24 lakh investors with total of  Rs 2,276 crore. Police till date apprehended over 15 leaders, sympathizers or office bearers of the SpeakAsia. The top brass of the company are also required in the case but they are hiding in foreign countries.

“After SpeakAsia’s business was shut down, Azad started managing the internet site of the firm and lured investors that the police have not made any case against SpeakAsia and soon it will re-start working again. He was also managing the All India SpekaAsia panelists organizations (AISPA) website. We have actually traced its server and are thoroughly keeping an eye all those people who are posting comments and remarks on the website,” said an officer.

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