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Cybercrime on Rise Since Last Year

Written by Ashish Kumar

It is quite bizarre to see the increase of cybercrime with such high margin. 168 percent of rise just in a year needs alarming and attention. From 63 in 2012 the number of cyber instances went up to 169 in the year 2013. The involvement of media took room when few days back “employee of the month” competition in which a Ferrari car was offered for the blueprint of the best online scam made headlines, as per Mumbai Police.

In the first quarter of this year there are 54 cases already filled and by the end the cybercrime denomination will 200 mark. Half of the total case in India is recorded to be in Mumbai from 2010. Experts have also predicted that losing of more money will be faced, almost summing up the loss of last three years.

84 cases have registered for obscene emails, SMS’s and MMS’s whereas 78 cases have been lodged for credit card fraud.

Police considers card fraud is the most troublesome drift. It has been raised by 300 percent from 2012-2013. Obscene emails and other related crime have also jumped by 191 percent from 2012-2013.

32 cases have been registered for hacking since 2010. The first quarter of this year has registered 8 cases which speaks for the next coming.

Vicky Shah cybercrime lawyer said, nailing cyber criminals might be time taking but not difficult. “The process of tracking needs time due to several factors but the technology used for offence and crime is traceable.”

JCP(crime), Sadanand Date said, “tracking and catching criminals of the cyber crime would need special police skills and special departments. The training for such crime is being propelled and with time, we will be ready to face the crime.”

Online expert Vijay Mukhi said procuring justice is hard and the system has been unsuccessful regarding this matter. “ It is necessary to sentence criminals for a long time otherwise the cybercrime rate will not decrease. A special court is required to handle all cybercrime related cases. It is the high time for taking actions.”

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