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The StemTech Bangkok Asian convention:Soon Coming To India

Written by Ak Sharma

The StemTech Bangkok Asian convention

What a great convention, what an advanced company, what an advanced cutting edge Stem Cell technology. I think StemTech must have the greatest health discovery and business opportunities of our time.

At this fantastic convention StemTech also opened and launched Thailand for business, making this the 24th country to open in the short time StemTech has been in business.DSC05533-500x375

Even one of the most respected  Doctors in Thailand, Dr Kampon who is a pioneer in Stem Cell research gave a warm hearted presentation and is now involved using Stem Cell technology products and working with StemTech as a n advisory board member.

This convention was full of warm hearted people from all over Asia and the world. StemTech is a company with a big heart and because our life changing products the distributors also are some of the most high quality, caring people you could ever hope to meet.

How can we help change yours?

Stem cell nutrition is soon to be made available to India, and this will dramatically transform the lives of many people. Joining the stem cell revolution is one of the best things that you could do.

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 Here are some StemTech videos:

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  • Christian Drapeau’s lecture:
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