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mavrodians, attention!!!! important!!! calm regime announced!!!!

“Unfortunately, my appeal seems to be coming to you at a very hard time, this hard moment that we will experience is hard for all of us. There are continuous attacks by the hackers and this is the reason for the unstable situation of the Virtual account, to add to this situation –  our mavrodians being taken for questioning, certain banks not willing to deposit funds in accounts, and also freezing accounts without any reason.
All this suggests that the Now-MMM has drawn to itself the attention of the authorities, like police , banks etc. And they are trying to understand what kind of community we are. They are searching for the truth and probably want their doubts cleared, whether we are just another MLM company which people join for money (and this type of MLM companies are actually banned in INDIA), or are we a community of people with free will who want to change the world for the better by really helping each other.
So for ONE WEEK, until the programmers come to a conclusion amd solve the Hack problem, and also until the authorities come to a conclusion about what we actually do (and if whatever we are doing is right or wrong), I announce the CALM REGIME.
You can register new participants, Buying and Selling of Mavro is possible, but  only the dispatcher will not work, which means, Orders will not be created.
Now during the Calm regime you do not have to transfer anything to anybody. All the participants who have been blocked before,  during the instability of virtual account as they  failed to make a transfer, are already unblocked.
Anyways, no matter the attacks by the hackers and whatever the conclusion the authorities come to, we start Full Power after 7 DAYS!!! We might start with a little corrections which totally depends on the reaction of the authorities. But we will continue helping each other more!! FOR SURE WE WILL!!
So stop sitting and waiting in vain, let’s keep up the good work of spreading the Virus of the idealogy  because the idea of MMM is the truth! So, keep telling the truth and keep telling everyone about the system! Everything now depends on you and your activity.
We can do a lot! We are changing the world and we will change it for sure!
And also, i think, that the crash of the current world Financial System (FINANCIAL APOCALYPSE) is coming soon!!!”
Sergei Mavrodi
Source: MMM India


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