You Are Here: Home » Articles » & under DDoS attack & under DDoS attack & under DDoS attack & are under DDoS attack from past few days, before we share more info on the subject, let us first explain our readers what does DDoS attack mean.

As per Wikipedia.

In computing, a denial-of-service attack (DoS attack) or distributed denial-of-service attack (DDoS attack) is an attempt to make a machine or network resource unavailable to its intended users. Although the means to carry out, motives for, and targets of a DoS attack may vary, it generally consists of the efforts of one or more people to temporarily or indefinitely interrupt or suspend services of a host connected to the Internet.

In a simple plain language ” Too much of traffic is making the website server go down”

Most indian mavrodians are worried that the main website is not working properly from 1 April.

The message they get on the site says that they are under DOS attack from people who do not like MMM.


MMM India under DDoS attack Message

If you check the news section at . You will find this message

As per the latest report from our programmers – we have been being attacked since the last two days!!! This is the REASON why the software is slow!! It is so massive that it has become difficult to understand  where the attack is coming from, it seems that its from all over the world.
The D-DOS attack of this kind could easily destroy all the phone network in one country. Our software is hardly surviving, we are urgently buying new protection systems.
But it can’t be for long time, one day of attack like that costs approximately 10 millions $ per day, so it should stop soon!

Why such DDos attacks are happening at at this point of time. is being hosted on Cloudflare is web hosting service provider alleged to be under attack from, who is an another web hosting service provider.

All the clients, who host their websites on are facing similar issue from past few days.

Now the real question mavrodians have and are worried about is that, when the web site will start working properly. No clear answer is given on . Now it is more than a weak since the disruption happened.

Mavrodians might even panic, if the volatile situation is not resolved in coming few days. This might result in the collapse of system. Like it happens with a bank.

Now how can a bank go bankrupt?

Read here:

People who firmly believe in Sergey Mavrodi’s ideology and working closely with MMM India will understand the issues for a while but with consistent delays will cause more panic and finally when the system is opened, people will start withdrawing the cash from the VIRTUAL ACCOUNT. And That will surely make the MMM system and Sergey Mavrodi’s ideology fail.

The basic issue Mavrodi and the Mavrodians are facing from 1st April are :-
  • Many Mavrodians deposited the cash but were unable to upload the slip on the confirmation page and now their accounts are blocked. Though MMM system extended the time.
  • Some Mavrodians who requested for the withdrawal of virtual cash from the virtual account have not received any money till date.
  • Mavrodians are unable to create new accounts, basically people who wants to help others by depositing money to old accounts.

One such MMM participant raised a concern on

Debarati Roy

I was supposed to confirm making a payment by today 3p.m. I made the payment yesterday but couldn’t ‘confirm payment’ because I could not log on to the virtual account. From today morning it is showing that ‘service temporarily unavailable’. What will I do? I don’t want my account to be blocked, for no fault of mine. Inspite of making the payment I can’t give the confirmation. The money has been debited from my account- I got the message on my phone, I received an NEFT slip from the bank as well but now I am stuck. I received a message from MMM to make payment by 3 p.m. today. How do I ensure that the confirmation of making payment is given???? Please help.
One Mavrodian even suggested that the system should be made strong like banks.
We need to have a rigid system likes banks… even banks earlier were attacked. At present banks developed software which can withstand such attacks.Just a thought!! My support is with MMM and our fellow Mavrodians!
Now Mavrodians are left with no choice except to wait and watch policy. If wish not to collapse, they better give exact time and when the system will be up and running smoothly.
Last but not the least the warning given on the site.
MMM declaration on

There are no rules. The only rule: no rules at all! Even if you follow the instructions precisely, you can still “lose”. Without any apparent reason or explanation.

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  • Nazir

    Everything will be alright once the new server gets started, MMM is making it so strong that nobody could hack or attack it in future.

  • Dipak Patil

    “I have completed my 3 months duration of deposit of Rs.50,000/- on 08.04.13 and I have to withdraw my money now. But I am unable to log in my virtual account. I am fear about my money as it grow upto 55%. Please help me get my money. I will be continue my membership & I hope I would get my money back.

  • Sanjib Kumar Basu

    *****8th wonder of the world***** Still people sometime educated are being fooled by dogs like Speak Asia, Ram Survey, TVI Express, Stock Guru, All Hit Deals and of course MMM*****

  • Ankur Bakhshi

    The top 3 scamsters of the world (according to Google) are :-

    1. Charles Ponzi – on whose name Ponzi schemes were named
    2. Bernie Madoff – Scammed even Hollywood stars and business man.
    3. Sergei Marvodi – jailed twice for his scam called MMM.

    If these facts dont shake you, dont worry for your downlines will when YOU loose their money to the world’s 3rd biggest scamster! No one earns a quick buck and enjoys it!

    The entire world’s internet is up and running by now…


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