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Speak Asia launching YuG online shopping portal

Written by Ak Sharma

This piece of information is manly for Indian Speak Asians. Most Speak Asians are desperately waiting for the cash transfer. We have received an inside information, the reason why did Speak Asia stop cash request & transferred all cash request back into your e-wallet. First they want you to generate pins and second to buy electronic products & appliances from their sister concern company YuG.

Soon company will put limit on the amount of cash request one can make from their respective e-wallets in coming weeks. Some part of commission will be distributed between cash & for mandatory online shopping. Where mostly you will have to buy electronic goods & appliances through their online portal YuG. What is YuG? It is a sister concern company of Speak Asia. Under YuG, an online Shopping portal is launched in India. In this portal, Speak Asia will sell appliances and electronic products to Speak Asians at a discounted price. Someone within the company has shared that there will not be many branded products available in the portal & mostly the YuG products are being imported from China.

Now the question is are you ready to buy these products, where we all know that same China made products are available in the market at the same price offered by YuG‘s online shopping portal. In a way company is trying to compensate by selling these products. Are you ready for that? Now it’s up to Speak Asians, whether they want cash transferred into their bank accounts or buy china made products.

Our Advice: When finally this shopping portal is opened in the month of June or so, if there is no need of products from your end, then do not buy, no matter how cheap they being offered. When Speak Asia’s bank accounts are finally operational in India, just ask for the cash from your e-wallet.

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  • don;t hope to speakasia.bus samzalo ki aapka paisa dub gaya. koi aasha nahi paisa milane ki.saol ko abhi hi kyu jarurat pad rahi bank a/c….office….open  karne ki bharat me.isase pahale ye dono bate nahi thi tabhi bhi to paisa aa raha tha na? to ab kya hua .. we los hope saol ab dub gai…………… .

  • Mr Shariq, well said that dont put any bank request.. ok, we wont. but what for those who havent earned even a single rupee.Mr. Bajpai Please start distributing rewards which will make our trust so strong that we can start joining again, thats on us, we are the people who made the company so strong and now after your so many promises we have not that faith on company as it should be, if u wanna see the good work ,start distributing rewards just to encourage your old panelist and made the people think that company is genuine and following its promises, Opening of new Bank account, permanent establishment is not in your hand but distribution of reward is in your hand,it will make the biggest difference.