Facebook Never Pay Us ! But FacePayBook Does!

How much time do you spend on hovering around sites, playing games on internet or doing chit chat on social networking sites. A research shows 70 % of people spend more than 8 to 10 hours everyday on social networking sites. One day while surfing one of them i wondered how can we utilize this time to earn money. Since we all know that Time is equal to Money. We spend on chatting and sharing and reading status. We live on these Sites, Whatever we do, even when we are out hanging out with friends we post it on the sites we are connected to. We love to express, ain’t it?

But how would it sound if we earn money for being connected??
Sounds Great !!

So, here comes Facepaybook. which gives you an opportunity of earning while you enjoy chatting, posting status and do all those things that you do on other social networking sites.


We are not intended to compete with any giant or king sitting in the industry. What our intention is to make people earn while they enjoy connecting with their friends.If we can find a way to earn and make fun all together, its certainly worth a DEAL.

* There are 2 ways to get connected with
1. Free Membership 2. Paid-Premium Membership
Both the options give you a brilliant opportunity to earn. A Free member enjoys all the features that a Paid member gets.

* What you need to do is, to Click 5 ads everyday that is being flashed on your profile page, AND add 5 friends every week into your network out of facepaybook, no matter if they are paid of free members.

* The concept is when you click on any add, we generate revenue from the advertisers. Frankly, we don’t get any money from new people joining us or the friends that you add, But as the community grows more people get to click on ads and we generate more revenue.

* What we do with the revenue, is to distribute the whole amount amongst our members, i.e. You.

* When an amount of more than $100 gets collected in your account a free user can move ahead and become our Premium Member. and if they wish they can withdraw the rest of the amount (if any or in future ) from their account. Or if you are already a Premium Member you can always withdraw your earned amount from your account.

* What more you get is, If a person referred by you become a premium member, You get 20%, i.e. $20. Which is simply called earning while connecting with new friends. and much more which is mentioned here under.

If you refer a premium member :

You being at 1st level get 20% on direct Premium member referral.

At 2nd level you receive 9%

At 3rd level you receive 8%

At 4th level you receive 7%

At 5th level you receive 6%

At 6th level you receive 5%

At 7th level you receive 4%

At 8th level you receive 3%

At 9th level you receive 2%

At 10th level you receive 1%

At 11th level you receive1%

At 12th level you receive 1%

At 13th level you receive 1%

At 14th level you receive 1%

At 15th level you receive 1%

Our motive is to offer you a way to enjoy Financial Freedom and Prosperity, To let you enjoy with your friends and family. So what are you waiting for?? come lets move ahead together..


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