Chit Fund Scam

CID women officers scammed by Narke

Pune CID women police officers invested lakhs in ‘illegal’ schemes which belonged to a racket busted by police just recently

At one end, when the security agencies are recommending people not to become victim to chit fund schemes, 5 lady officers of deputy superintendent of police rank of the state CID have actually failed to stop themselves and became one of the victim.

The CID officers spent lakhs in the ‘illegal’ chit fund plan which was run by Nitin Narke. Narke was just recently imprisoned by the Hadapsar authorities for allegedly ripping off thousands of individuals to the tune of crores of rupees under the scheme of high returns.

Investigations have exposed that the claimed fraudsters had visited the CID office several times and have likewise provided good-looking returns to the officers. According to the sources, the officers have actually additionally created a great relationship with the scammers.

An elderly CID policeman claimed, “After these policemans invested the money and the fraudsters utilizes these people money as reward for the new investers”.

When inquired about the financial investment of the five women officers in the illegal plan, additional director general of police and CID chief SPS Yadav said, “It is a major matter. If there are loop holes in our department, we will certainly not save them. We will examine and investigate this issue carefully and afterwards the further procedure will be determined.”.

New security measures have been taken at the police headquarter, like CCTV cameras and thumb scanners, if any outsider wish to meet an officer. He or she will perform all the security checks at the desired department gate. After verifying the outsider’s motive, only than he or she will be allowed to meet the officer.

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