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How to make money online in India

How to make money online in India
How to make money online in India
Written by Ak Sharma

All of us know one or more friend who is making money online. This makes us think that it is easy to make money online.  Also, some of us have tried our hand to make money online but have been trapped in on the online scam and have failed.

This is often because we don’t know where to look at or where to start from. Or it is also because we don’t know a shortcut to make a lot of money.  But there are no shortcuts to making money. You have to work hard.

There are many scams running when it comes to making money online. There is no way of making easy and fast money. Legitimate ways of money will need time and sincere efforts.

Below are few ways to make money online. But before you read any further, we would like to assure you that these ways are not easy neither are they become rich overnight kind of a thing. So if you are looking for such a thing, you can stop reading right here. If you are willing to work hard to earn money online then the ways mentioned will definitely help you make money.

Design app or website

The new trend for making money online is creating apps or websites which have useful features.

If you are a designer or a developer who can design websites or have a knack for developing app then you can make a good amount of money. You can work from home and earn from the comfort of your house.

It is one of the trusted ways of making money online with a small investment. There are many web developers and designers who have made this as their business and are earning handsome amount.

For example, Lucknow based Ankit Srivastava created a music app called La Musique in July 2014. This had downloaded more than 30 lakh music and made Rs.45 lakh.  You can read more on how he did this in yourstory.

Freelance writing

One of the most popular ways of making money online is freelance writing. But as we said in the beginning of this article, it is not as easy as it sounds. To become a freelance writer online there are few things you will need to understand.  First, it will need your time and dedication. Secondly, you have to know and understand what internet writing requires. Most of us have good English. But good English is not all will help you succeed in this field. If you choose to become a freelance writer for blogs and create internet contents then you have to know a thing or two about readability. You can check out the article on readability to understand what it means.

If you plan to make freelancing as you long-term career it is best that you create your profile online. Having a web presence will definite help in your freelancing career.  You can explore options like the which was earlier known was GetaFreelancer. The website offers more than 100 different types of jobs for freelancers. IT, writing, programming, design and so much more.  Freelancer can help you find the right client for your talent. You can also check some other interesting sites like ElanceWorkNHireUpwork,People per Hour etc. clients

 Review music for money

Another interesting way to earn money online is by becoming a reviewer for musicSlicethepie pays anyone who reviews unsigned bands and artist online. Now if you have the ears for music and love to listen to new talents this is an amazing way to make money.

The income might not be a huge amount but you should definitely give it a try if it’s something that you enjoy. The payout is in $US and you will need to have PayPal account to receive the payment.

There is also an option of referring your friends and earning commission on their reviews!

Start Blogging

One of the best ways to work from home and make money is blogging. There are many people who have tried it and are doing very well.

But you must remember that it is not an easy thing to be a blogger.  Many bloggers earn a huge income. However, they reach that level only after a lot of hard work and genuine efforts.

One of the best examples of a successful blog in India is ShoutMeloud. Its income for June was $29,659 as declared in the article ShoutMeLoud June month Income report .

There are ways how you can monetize your blog.Mentioned below are few ways to monetize your blog:


The oldest method of making money is the advertisement. Google Adsense is one of the most popular and renowned. This is also trusted the most by people.

Paid Post:

These are generally posts or advertisements for which the blog owner gets paid. It is purely between the blog owner and the person or company who wants to post the in the blog. The company pays the blog owner the amount to post the article about their brand or product in the blog.

Banner Ads:

The banner ads are advertisements that you can display on your blog. You can create space in your blog for banner ads. Company and individual businessman can advertise their products in the space and you can earn from it.


Another way to earn money from your blog is to create your own products and promote it in your blog.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best sources of earning money online. Many bloggers, marketers earn their living through the affiliate marketing.

The banner ads are advertisements that you can display on your blog. You can create space in your blog for banner ads. Company and individual businessman can advertise their products in the space and you can earn from it.

There are many affiliated marketplaces available in India. Some of them are Amazon associates, Flipkart, eBay.

Become a “YouTuber” and get Paid

YouTube is the largest sites people use to see all sorts of videos. If shooting videos on any occasion is your passion then there is a big scope for you to earn money from YouTube.  All you need to so is upload your videos on YouTube and become a YouTube partner.

Seller on Fiverr

You can become a seller on Fiverr and earn money online. It is a place where you can do several services for $5. All you have to do is register in and create your gigs to tell people what all you can do for $5.

If people like your gigs they will order your services. If you can complete only one gig a day you can still make a handsome sum of money in a month.

Buy and sell domain names

Another way of making money online is by buying and selling domain names. A domain name means the website address (eg. There are lots of extension like .net , etc.

They cost as little as Rs.600-700 in sites like Godaddy. However, a premium domain can cost a lot more. For example, in 2007 a domain named was sold for a whopping amount of $35 million!

Of course, ever domain name might not be as lucky and might not fetch you such a huge amount. However, with a little research and consistency, you will get much get the hang of the kind of domain name to invest on.

Sedo is one place where you can sell or auction your domains. It is one of the world’s leading platform for domain buyers and sellers. It also provides other facilities like domain parking, domain buying. They also assist you in selling your domain with the help f their professional Domain Brokers. They will do all the work like contacting potential buyers, negotiating the price, and then secure payment and ensuring a seamless Domain Transfer.

There are other sites as well where you can sell your domain like the ResellerclubNamesilo  also provides services and tools that can help you manage, promote and sell your domain. It helps you report upon your domain acquisitions and sales for domains within their account or with any other registrar. The best part is all this is completely free.

Online surveys

One popular way to make money online is also online surveys. This is simple and you can complete the survey in your spare time. All it requires is few minutes to fill some survey forms. The surveys usually ask you to answer few questions and test new products.  However, be sure not to get caught up with scams involved with paid survey.

Indiapanel is one website where you can register and start earning money.  You can also get exclusive invitations to free advanced screenings or free movie tickets for watching movies on the first day of the movie. They pay anything between Rs.200 to Rs. 5000 just for completing a questionnaire.

Opinionworld is also another website that pays for taking surveys. They reward you with  points for taking their online surveys.You can redeem the points from their range of  popular brand vouchers, including, and Jabong. Once you register with Opinionworld  you will the surveys for money in your registered email id or you can login and take surveys from your account.

Online market trading

The stock market is also a way to make money online. If you understand the stock market and its trend then maybe its time you invest some time and money on it.  Contrary to the general belief you actually do not require a lot of money to start. You can do it all by yourself with the help of few online market trading platforms.

But it is also important to keep in mind that stock market is highly speculative .You must have ample amount of patience. Also, it is always advisable to use your idle saving for investment instead of borrowing funds. Above all “never put all your eggs in one basket”. For less risk, it is good to distribute your investment in multiple sectors.

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